Panic Attacks Treatment

Marijuana Panic Attacks – Are They Possible?

For anyone who smokes marijuana, perhaps two of the most relevant questions that crop up are (a) are marijuana panic attacks possible? And, (b) can marijuana be used to prevent or cure panic attacks?

Before we answer these questions, it must be understood very clearly, that much like alcohol, marijuana acts differently in different people.

Marijuana Panic AttacksFor some, it can soothe the nerves, calm the mind and help the user to relax; for others, it might work quite the other way, resulting in an increasing of heart beat, overwhelming feeling of anxiety, chest pain and more. Hence it is difficult to say whether there is even such a thing as marijuana panic attacks – but one thing is for sure, marijuana should never be used to treat or reduce the symptoms of panic attacks.

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When you use marijuana, you ought to remember that it might react quite differently than how it reacted to your friend. It is believed that such intoxicants aggravate the deep-rooted feelings which rest at the sub-conscious level of the mind – for instance, if it is fear, hatred or a phobia which are resting at the deep crevices of the mind, marijuana can bring all those thoughts out. On the other hand, if the mind is already relaxed and happy, marijuana can further accentuate such feelings.

According to medical recommendations, one should never try marijuana for treating panic attacks or even believe that marijuana can bring relief to a panic attack situation. This is because marijuana essentially alters the chemistry of the brain, causing both long and short term side effects. This should never be used while having a panic attack as this is not the officially approved form of treatment.

Always remember that if you could think of the reasons that the panic attack happened in the first place, you also have the mental power to calm your mind to let these thoughts go away and let your mind be at peace.

If you are dependent on marijuana for obtaining mental calm and peace which in turn can prevent panic attacks, then you ought to think again. It is somewhat like being dependant on a drug or a product to help you get rid of another habit. This is not a wise thing to do. Check out our panic attack cures page for details of how to rid yourself o your attacks and anxiety for good.

Ask anyone who has found the most effective cure for panic attacks and he or she would tell you that the key lies in learning how to control your mind. The mind is in a constant state of flutter and noise. If you can learn how to turn down the noise and bring back some amount of sanity to your thoughts, resulting in calmness and tranquility, you would have reached a long way in treating your attacks and do not have to think whether marijuana panic attacks is a possibility or not.